The Lyttelton Well contributes to our community in many and varied ways:

  • A friendly and familiar place to meet through our Cafe
  • Information and understanding of the Christian faith through our Bookshop
  • A Chaplaincy service for those in need of care & understanding
  • Function Rooms that host a wide variety of community activities and support services
  • Foodbank distribution & collection point
  • A professional counselling service, The Well Counselling, available to all.

Although we generate income from these activities, we still require the help of volunteers and donations for our continuing existence.  For the Counselling Service in particular, our clients may make a contribution towards our work, but for many this is a struggle and they are only able to contribute a small amount.

To help bridge this gap, we invite you to join our Friends of The Lyttelton Well, made up of individuals, businesses and churches. Donations from our Friends mean we can continue to offer the vital services needed by our community.

Will you join us in serving our community and transforming lives today?

If you are a UK taxpayer, please Gift Aid your donation by selecting the relevant box on the form.

If you need any help with this please contact the office on or 01684 573702.

Donate specifically to The Well Counselling

To donate specifically to The Well Counselling, please visit their web page using the following link: