Christian Chaplaincy Service – Do you need a listening ear and prayer?

The Lyttelton Well now offers a Christian Chaplaincy service where you may come and share with us your concerns or problems.

It is a free service for all those connected to the Well and/or local churches and it is also open to residents within Malvern and to visitors.
We offer an opportunity for you to be listened to, and to discuss any matters which concern you, and we are also happy to pray with you. We are in contact with local churches, as well as other care agencies in the town and nationally.
If you are making enquiries about the Christian faith, we are happy to discuss that with you, too.
However, we are not a replacement for the existing Counselling Service which is already available through the Well.

Who are we?
We are members of local churches who believe in the power of prayer in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are experienced members of local churches where we often pray with people when asked to do so.

We believe that Christian prayer ministry can lead to healing of body, mind and spirit. We are also aware that God blesses when Christians work together in unity. These are two reasons for the way that this Christian Chaplaincy Service is being offered to you.

We believe that God seeks to express His love and compassion today to anyone from any background whether a believer or not. Jesus certainly ministered love, compassion and healing freely to all those he met.

Come into the bookshop and ask to book an appointment or in an emergency ask to see one of the Chaplaincy team on the duty rota.

Telephone requests may be made by phoning the Lyttelton Well Office on Tel: 01684 573702