You – the Volunteer

Our 100 – 150 volunteers enjoy their work at the Well. They are part of a successful team and know they are doing useful work in our community. Men and women are equally welcome. You might like the idea of working for a few hours at the same time every week in a particular area. Sometimes you won’t be able to make “your shift”, but don’t worry, other volunteers will be called in to fill a gap when the need arises. Or, if you don’t feel able to commit to a regular shift but would still like to help, you can become one of our flexible fillers-in.

Without more volunteers, the Well cannot fulfil its mission. So please get in touch to explore how you can help us to help others in and around Malvern.

Call 01684 573702 or email

The Cafe
From Monday to Saturday, volunteers do the washing up, food preparation, waiting & waitressing – a lot of volunteers are needed to keep it all running smoothly. Also, students from local schools work on Saturdays. All who work in the Coffee House are very much responsible for its friendly atmosphere: for our many regular customers they are familiar and friendly faces.
If you have any spare time and would like to be part of a cheerful and successful team we would be delighted to offer you a taster session so you can see if this is something you would like to do.

The Christian Bookshop
Most of those who work in our Christian Bookshop are volunteers who seek to provide a helpful and knowledgeable service to those looking for Christian literature and gifts. We would welcome help from volunteers with an enthusiasm for sharing the good news in this way.

Please visit the Counselling section of this website by clicking the link at the top of the page.